New Forest Valais Blacknose have a few breeding age purebred registered Valais Blacknose ewes available for sale, all of whom have been running with the rarest Type 1 genotype Tup since March, so should be due lambs in August/September. 
Due to current circumstances it's proving difficult to get the ewes scanned, so we will provide 2x doses of Type 1 semen FOC (worth £500) per ewe should the ewe not have taken. 
These are all experienced ewes, have lambed quality offspring, including singles and twins. Some of the ewes available are rare genotypes (Types 1, 2 & 3 available) and their lambs will be rare genotypes thanks to the genotypes of the sire (and dam in some cases). Some of the ewes are award winning, including one who was awarded overall Longwool Reserve Champion. We can supply an unrelated, proven Tup to create breeding groups to suit the customer, where the tup is unrelated to both the ewe as well as any ewe lambs born from the ewes in August/September. 
All sheep come with registration certificates and genotype certificates proving their rare genotypes. We can deliver nationwide. Rare opportunity - breeding age ewes of this breed rarely come onto the market, let alone of this quality and with the track records of these ewes. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss pedigrees, etc.

T: 07713 255970